What’s the Pick? 10 MTG Pack One, Pick Ones with Phyrexia

Today I want to do a little exercise with Phyrexia: All Will Be One draft. The prerelease weekend is coming right up and I’m sure most of us will want to do a draft afterwards with our buddies or in the LGS. I generated 10 booster packs (all are pack one, pick ones) via https://mtgen.net/one and I’ll be looking at which card I would first pick and what the top cards are in the pack overall. 

Keep in mind that the set just got fully spoiled, so I have no experience with any of the cards yet. This is meant to be an exercise in evaluating cards and our opinions may definitely vary. 

Packs are showing 14 cards because I’m excluding the land/promo cards. Let’s get to it!


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