What’s New with Legacy Izzet Delver? MTG Deck Guide Update

Reid Duke wrote a fantastic Deep Dive on UR Delver few months ago that you should definitely check out. While what he said is still very much true, I felt like adding my own list and sideboard guide to CFB Pro, since I just played UR Delver at the Legacy 4 Seasons tournament and tested quite a lot for it.

I was going to play my trusty Mono-Blue 8-Cast deck but ended up switching to Delver because I kept on losing to Meltdown in the sideboarded games when testing against it.



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1 thought on “What’s New with Legacy Izzet Delver? MTG Deck Guide Update”

  1. Hey Mengu, thanks for the good content!
    I have trouble on my keep or mull decisions with this deck.
    Is it ok to keep hands with cantrips but no threat or should i be aggressive to be sure to apply pressure on turn 1?

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