What’s New in Modern Izzet Murktide? MTG Deck Guide Update

It’s the end of February, and alongside my monthly Power Rankings, it’s time for an update on Izzet Murktide!

Phyrexia: All Will Be One brought very little to Modern and two cards in particular, Minor Misstep and Mercurial Spelldancer, were playtested for Izzet Murktide.

Minor Misstep seemed to be the real deal to fight cascade decks alongside with Hammer Time and Amulet Titan. In reality, it was too situational and not broad enough to counter all of Modern’s combo decks like Indomitable Creativity, Dimir Mill and Burn, so Flusterstorm remains the better option in the sideboard and Spell Pierce in the main deck.

Mercurial Spelldancer is doing good work in Legacy, where Wrenn and Six is banned, but also where you have Ponder and Brainstorm to set it up easily. In Modern, there’s just no place for Mercurial Spelldancer and we’ll stick to Ledger Shredder as the two-drop of choice.


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