What Will Historic Look Like at the Neon Dynasty Championship?

This weekend features the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Championship. Here’s the schedule:


  • Rounds 1–3: Alchemy Constructed
  • Rounds 4–7: Historic Constructed


  • Rounds 8–11: Alchemy Constructed
  • Rounds 12-15: Historic Constructed

As players earn their 12th match win, they will automatically advance to the Top 8 playoff. Final standings at the end of Round 15 will determine any remaining Top 8 slots available after all players with 12 wins have advanced – and any ties for a Top 8 slot will be determined by final standings after 15 rounds.


  • The Top 8 double-elimination playoff will feature Alchemy Constructed.
  • Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket matches will be best of three games.
  • The Title Match will be best of three matches.

You can check out the viewers guide with all the details here. Reid already previewed the Alchemy format, and today I’m here to tell you what to expect in Historic. 




Header - The Metagame

For a quick overview of the metagame, let’s check my latest Power Rankings

  1. Rakdos Sacrifice
  2. Five-Color Niv-Mizzet
  3. Heliod Company
  4. Azorius Auras
  5. Gruul Aggro
  6. Rakdos Arcanist
  7. Jeskai Control
  8. Azorius Control
  9. Golgari Food
  10. Izzet Phoenix

At the time of writing this article, I don’t have access to the metagame breakdown, but I expect the top three decks in my Power Rankings to be the most represented in the tournament in this order. 

That said, Historic is becoming to look a lot like Modern, with about 10 to 20 different decks that can win a tournament on any given day, so don’t expect the metagame shares to be too high for each deck. 

There are a few decks I don’t have in the last edition of power rankings but can still see them do well. This includes:

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