What to Expect with MTG Dominaria United Standard Rotation – Deep Dive

Every year, there’s a big Standard rotation. The next one is right around the corner on September 9 and it will completely change the format. How exactly does it work? What does it mean for the format? Today, I want to take a look at key cards that are rotating out, the most promising cards that are staying in the format, including my personal Top 10, what happens to mana bases and which decks could be good post-rotation. 



Header - The Rotation

On September 9, the sets from 2021 – Zendikar Rising, Kaldheim, Strixhaven and Adventures in the Forgotten Realms – will all be rotating out of Standard and Alchemy. They will still be legal in other non-rotating MTG Arena formats like Historic and Explorer, but in Standard they will be replaced by Dominaria United, Brothers’ War and other sets that will follow. 

The current legal Standard sets will be Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, Innistrad: Crimson Vow, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, Streets of New Capenna and Dominaria United. Cards that were reprinted, for example Evolving Wilds, are legal as well.


Header - What Does This Mean?

With four full sets rotating out and only one coming in, most decks will get a lot weaker. It will be harder to fix your mana, the format will likely slow down a little bit and some more expensive cards will see play. You might still remember the last rotation when it seemed that Wrenn and Seven was a completely unbeatable card at first, but towards the end when decks like Jeskai Hinata were ruling the format, Wrenn was nowhere to be found. 

Decks will be clunkier and less focused. Get ready for a few months of mana issues and having to play some fillers, but on the other hand, a big rotation usually means a brewers’ paradise. More expensive cards than normal will see play. 


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  1. I am most looking forward to playing Lier-Hullbreaker Horror again. I’m so happy that Lolth is rotating out. That card has ground me into dust more times than I care to admit. Thanks for another great article. It’s got me excited for standard again!

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