What Decks Had the Highest Win Rates at the Set Championship?

Last weekend, the Neon Dynasty Set Championship was held. It’s the closest we have to a Pro Tour these days, and the formats were Alchemy and Historic. These digital-only formats are important for all competitive Arena players, as the upcoming April 9-10 Qualifier Weekend will be Alchemy and the upcoming April 16-17 Arena Open will be Historic. In this article, I will provide the win rates in both formats at the Neon Dynasty Championship. Additionally, for each format, I will highlight three well-performing decks that may have flown under the radar.




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  1. Ziggy Micheelsen

    Great article Frank, any chance of getting a tips and tricks + sideboardguide for the Historic Azorius Affinity by Jean-Emmanuel Depraz? would be awsome.

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