What Can You Expect from The Brothers’ War Limited MTG?

The Brothers’ War expansion just arrived on MTG Arena and Magic Online so you can finally jam some Drafts or Sealed. I’ve already done some Limited during the Early Access streamer event, an IRL prerelease and a draft and a couple of drafts on Magic Arena. Today, I want to share with you some of my early thoughts on the format and hopefully give you a leg up in your first draft. 


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Header - Is It Slow or Fast?

It can be both. If you’re drafting something like Rakdos aggro, your deck is likely going to be low to the ground with cards like Goblin Blast-Runner, Gixian Infiltrator, Disfigure, Conscripted Infantry, Penregon Strongbull and Blitz Automaton. You can definitely get under the slow decks and beat them before they can even use their expensive cards. 

On the other hand, if you’re drafting something like green/black or blue/black, your deck will most likely be on the slow side, creating Treasures, milling yourself, reusing cards from the graveyard with unearth and casting big monsters with prototype. 

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