Updating Modern RB Midrange After the Lurrus Ban – Deck Guide

While I’ve spent as much time as I’ve possibly been able to building, playtesting and exploring different decks and archetypes in Modern for the last two years, there’s been one special deck that’s become a personal favorite of mine. This deck that carried me through two trophy races on MTGO and took down CFB Vegas: RB Midrange. If you’re interested in familiarizing yourself with the old version you can check out my previous archetype update here:

Unfortunately, this deck is hurt more by the Lurrus ban than any other, but thankfully the ban unlocks lots of powerful three-plus mana permanents for Rakdos pilots. The formula of cheap and powerful threats plus cheap and efficient removal and discard spells plus Lurrus as a late game card advantage engine was incredibly powerful and potent. 

When working on the new formula for Rakdos, one must figure out what powerful three-drops should we be playing. What cards are we cutting to make room for them? Are there different builds of the deck we’d want to play in different metas?

After building and playtesting a few versions, this is the build that I’ve liked in this less than predictable metagame. This version like the previous has felt favored versus Hammer, Affinity, Titan, Tron, UW/x Control and Burn, while it’s weaker to Four-Color Omnath, Grixis Shadow, Jund variants and Belcher.



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