Updating Modern Four-Color Rokiric Midrange – Deck Guide

In my experience, the majority of Modern players like to choose a deck that resonates with them, and they’ll spend months or even years cementing themselves as the master of an archetype. Other players, however, like to become proficient in a variety of decks and pick and choose the best deck to play on any given weekend. A lot of these decks tend to depend on the viability of one or two polarizing cards. Perhaps the best example of this is Chalice of the Void – a card that can completely dominate in some metagame environments and be close to useless in others. I’ve found it often is the case that players will identify that Chalice is well positioned, but find themselves stuck answering the question “what’s the best Chalice deck?” In my opinion, Chalice of the Void is returning as a premium card to play in Modern and the best shell can play it in is the General Ferrous Rokiric deck. 

I wrote a Deck Guide for this list a few months ago when Chalice was phenomenally well positioned. You can find a link to that guide here.


I would recommend skimming over it and familiarizing yourself with some of the ideas there. The deck has undergone a few big changes with the evolution of the Modern meta and had an unexpected new printing end up being a big power up for the archetype. That card is the powerful filtering spell from Midnight Hunt: Faithful Mending.

Faithful Mending

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