Updating Historic Boros Cycling for Strixhaven

Updating Historic Boros Cycling for Strixhaven

Zenith Flare is normally a card we’ve only expect to see in Standard. Lately however, with the Kaldheim Championship and the MPL/Rivals League Weekend Play, we’ve seen Javier Dominguez, Luis Salvatto and their team dominate with Historic Boros Cycling and Mardu Cycling in Historic as well.


Faithless LootingFlameblade AdeptHollow One (Timeshifted)


Today, I’ll be aiming to update their deck with Strixhaven’s latest newcomer, Faithless Looting, which is strong enough to be banned in Modern, in combination with Flameblade Adept and Hollow One, both of which happen to be legal in Historic too!


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