Unlocking the Potential of Prismari in Strixhaven Limited

As the resident actor among the ChannelFireball Limited crew, I think it’s only fitting that I’m here today to tell you how to draft and play with Prismari in Strixhaven Limited. It also just so happens that this is my most drafted and winningest archetype among the five colleges in the set. There are some pretty big misconceptions about this strategy, some pitfalls, tips and tricks to look out for and a lot of cards to discuss. Let’s get started!

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely (Magic) players.”

-As You Like It, Act II Scene VII


Header - The Game Plan

Prismari, like a dazzling magic trick, is not all that it appears to be. On its face, it looks like a deck built around reducing the cost of large spells and reaping the rewards of those powerful effects. It certainly can do that, but it’s much more consistent and successful as a tempo-based aggressive deck. An early stream of evasive threats backed up by removal, bounce and other cheap interaction is often how this deck gets the job done. 


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