Top Archetypes and Commons in MTG Dominaria United Limited

By the time you’re reading this, Dominaria United Limited Drafts will be available to everyone on MTG Arena, but LGS prereleases will be in full swing. Luckily for me (and you!), I had a chance to play in the Dominaria United Early Access with a free preview account provided by Wizards of the Coast. (#sponsored)

After doing Drafts in the Early Access event, I feel confident about a number of things in the format that I want to share with you, including a list of updated top commons and why I believe they are the top commons in each color. Most importantly, I am certain that DMU is going to be a deep and exciting draft format!



Header - Format Overview

First things first: much like original Dominaria, blue is the best color in DMU. However, the similarities don’t end there. For anyone who played original Dominaria, DMU strikes me as very similar to that format with regard to gameplay, pacing and strategies. If you missed DOM the first time around, the best way to summarize the format is that tempo and double spelling is king. 

Thanks to a large amount of powerful gold uncommons as well as commons and uncommons with off-color kicker costs, Dominaria United is going to be a complex format with a ton of decision points during the draft. Decks ranging from focused two-color decks to five-color domain decks are viable, and knowing when to commit to which strategy is going to be a huge part of learning the draft format. 

The easiest way to grok the format in my opinion is to look at it under the lens of the individual colors from best to worst and what those colors incentivize you to do.

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