Top 6 Modern Decks, a Year After Modern Horizons 2 – Deep Dive

One year ago, Modern Horizons 2 shook the Modern format completely, and today I’m going to review it after a year.

During this year and thanks to Modern Horizons 2, I felt in love with Modern. I used to hate it as it felt like two ships passing by each other, with its amount of threats greatly surpassing the amount of answers. However, thanks to Prismatic Ending, Unholy Heat, Solitude, Grief, Fury and Counterspell, Modern is now a format where interaction is at a premium level and I love to play Magic when I can interact as much as I can with my opponent. 

My colleague Reid Duke does his Modern Power Rankings every month, and I suggest you to check out his latest:

While I’m going to disagree with a lot he said and will try to express my opinions at best. 

I’ll rank the decks from first to sixth in the format, trying to highlight the weakness of each and how to fight them, as well as showing you why I think they’re the six best decks.

I chose six decks to break down today because I think that these are all Tier 1 and capable of winning a tournament. They may be better or worse based on player experience and metagame, but they are the best choices to win in Modern



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