Top 10 Most Underrated Cards in Standard MTG Right Now

Do you ever get that feeling like there’s one piece missing from your deck in order to take it to the next level? Like you hit a roadblock and are struggling to reach that next power level threshold to allow a deck to really take off? Finding little ways to improve an already established strategy can lead to major tournament success. I’m here to provide a list of cards that players should be playing with, but there’s a good chance you currently have overlooked. 


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10. Experimental Augury

While Selesnya Toxic definitely gets the reward for being the early frontrunner of best toxic deck in Standard, I believe there are many other options when it comes to trying to poison the opponent. Blue offers some compelling cards that provide more interaction and gameplay to keep the opponent guessing. Experimental Augury is a card I have liked in the blue toxic decks as a roleplayer to help smooth out your draws, while also being a way to further the opponent’s poison without needing to attack. Proliferate cards provide a powerful way to close out games if the creature beatdown plan ends up not working out. 

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