Top 10 Alchemy Cards to Brew With

Alchemy’s really proven itself to be a distinct format from Standard, with a ton of new cards that could only work on something like MTG Arena. Today, I’ll be counting down the top 10 Alchemy cards to try out and brew with. Remember – these cards are legal in Historic too, so it may be worth giving them a shot there as well.




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10. Tenacious Pup

Tenacious Pup looks very unassuming, but if you’re in the market for an early drop for your green aggressive deck, it can be the perfect card. Getting on board early is important and making your Werewolf Pack Leader a 4/4 on turn two means it’s going to be much harder to kill. The trample counter can also be quite relevant. Creature type “Wolf” is just asking you to put it into a Mono-Green or Gruul Werewolves aggro deck. 

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