Toolbox Value! Modern Kiki Chord – Deck Guide

Modern has always been a format where masters of specific archetypes thrive. One of the format’s biggest appeals has always been the ability to pick up a deck, master it and tune and evolve your deck list to adjust for the ever changing metagame. On one these decks that highly rewards mastery, and one of the most underrated archetypes, is Kiki Chord, a creature-based combo-value deck with a toolbox full of utility creatures to tutor for.

Learning and mastering this deck can take some time. You need to memorize what tutor targets you have access to, you’ll need to understand how to sequence your threats, and you’ll need to understand what game plan you need to enact in different matchups. This Deck Guide is meant to serve as an introduction, but this deck, like most decks in Modern, rewards experience. I encourage you to pick the list up, grind out some games and learn as you go. 

Here’s the current 95 that I’ve been playing the last few weeks. I’ve been liking the deck a lot in the metagame. I’ve found it to be good versus cascade decks, creature decks, Ragavan strategies and Hammertime. It has a somewhat even matchup versus control and can struggle versus big mana and combo. 



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