Three More Brews for Strixhaven Standard

brews for Strixhaven Standard

I love preview season, and I love the first week or two after the release of a new set. Everything is fresh and new, and it feels like the possibilities are endless. While the format is still shaping up, it has me in the mood for making some more brews for Strixhaven Standard.

That said, Strixhaven has a difficult bar to clear. It’s being introduced into a mature Standard format with a deep card pool, complete with Throne of Eldraine, which is one of the most powerful and dominant sets in recent memory. In the end, it’s likely that Adventures, Rogues, Monocolor Aggro and a few other key archetypes will still be driving forces in Standard. But while we’re still in Strixhaven’s honeymoon period, I want to try every new idea that I can. 

Specifically, there are a few more cards and combinations that I need to exhaust before I’m done brewing. Today, I’ll walk you through the most promising ones.


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