Three Lessons from the Magic World Championship

Environmental Sciences, Teachings of the Archaics, Mascot Exhibition – those were the three Lessons found among the Top 4 decks at the Magic World Championship.

That’s it. That’s the article.


Environmental SciencesTeachings of the ArchaicsMascot Exhibition

Alright, I guess I can provide three actually useful lessons as well.



Header - 1. The Power of Goldspan Dragon

Only two of the 16 World Championship players put Goldspan Dragon in their main deck, and both of them made it to the Grand Finals. It’s something we should never forget as long as the card remains in Standard – Goldspan Dragon is absurdly powerful. As the World Championship shows, if people start moving away from answers to it, such as Wrenn and Seven, then Goldspan Dragon is poised to shine. 


Goldspan Dragon

Here is the deck that Yuta Takahashi took to an 11-0 run in Standard to claim the title of World Champion.


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