This Month in MTG Arena – May 2022

Following last month’s announcements regarding pro play, recently WOTC has announced its plans for pro play on MTG Arena! This exciting news includes a thrice yearly Arena Championship, featuring 32 players and a $200,000 prize pool. The top four players in these Arena Championships will also earn seats at the World Championship. To qualify, you must participate in Qualifier Weekends, and you can earn your spot in these through either ranked laddering or event play. 

There will be four Best-of-Three Qualifier Weekends feeding each Arena Championship, netting out to 12 Qualifier Weekends a year, one per month. They will each be two days, and to make Day 2, you must achieve seven wins before getting two losses. If you make Day 2, you must also get seven wins to qualify for an Arena Championship. This will be in effect starting during the May Qualifier Weekend. If all 32 slots are not filled, players with the most Day 2 wins will be selected to fill seats. Starting in September, players who get seven wins on Day 2 will also get a Pro Tour invite. 

Also, there will now be Qualifier Play-In events, for players who want to skip the ladder. There will be a Best-of-One event a week before the Qualifier Weekend where you must achieve six wins before two losses, and a Best-of-Three event a day before where you must achieve four wins before one loss. These events are not free and cost 20,000 gold, 4,000 gems or 20 play-in points from other Arena events. These events are repeatable. You can play as many times as you like.

As for the ladder, the top 250 finishers will get a token for entries to the following Qualifier Weekend. The top 1200 finishers will get enough Play-In points for a single entry. Arena Open players who get six, seven or eight wins will also receive a Qualifier Weekend. 

  1. Compete in the May Qualifier Weekend on May 28-29. We can assume there will be Qualifier Play-Ins on the 21 (Bo1) and the 27 (Bo3)
  2. That’s it right now? Just do the Play-Ins, it’ll be fun?
  3. Actually it will be fun, I look forward to the chance to avoid the ladder grind and I hope to see you there!




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