This Month in Magic Arena – March 2022

We’ve made it all the way to March already, time flies! Anyway, as usual, I’m collecting information on all upcoming MTGA events with the intention of providing you a straightforward calendar of the best cash prizes and useful events for competitive play.

The current highest level of competitive Magic play on Arena is the 2022 World Championship. The easiest way now to qualify for this, is to place top six in any 2022 Championship event which would be the New Capenna Championship or upcoming Championships after that.

You can also qualify for these events by being one of eight with the most World Championship Qualifying Points during the 2021-22 Season. You also earn those points by competing in the same set championships listed above. Each match point is a WCQP and four additional points are awarded to the two top eight players who do not make top six to earn a slot. 

Finally, you can qualify by receiving an at-large invitation through earning the most World Championship Qualifying Points during the 2021-22 Season to make sure there’s at least 32 players competing. 

What this all means is if you are not a (discontinued) MPL or Rivals member, you need to be playing Set Championships if you want a chance to compete at the highest level. Also Set Championships are about to get a prize pool increase to $450,000 per event, over three events. So how do you get into Set Championships and specifically, what should we be playing this March?



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