This is the Best Midrange Deck in Standard MTG

Mono-White Midrange is one of the best decks in Standard. Phyrexia: All Will Be One wasn’t able to change that fact. The archetype got little in the form of new cards, but dominates the midrangey format like it used to previously. This article will provide you with a fresh deck list and an appropriate sideboard to tackle the new problems that have arisen with the latest set. 

The game plan of Mono-White Midrange is simple: slow and steady, you grind out every little bit of hope that your opponent has left. This deck could be the centerpiece example of a TED Talk on “The Value and Two-for-Ones in Magic: the Gathering.” A mix of planeswalkers, enchantments and artifacts creating card advantage, paired with some critters and the most efficient removal spells in Standard, will do just fine against a wide range of strategies in Standard. Most notably, black midrange decks like Mardu, Grixis or Mono-Black fall prey to the grindstone that is Mono-White Midrange. My focus with this list is to beat those of course, but also have the best configuration possible for the mirror match. That’s why you see Farewell over Sanctuary Warden in the main deck.


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5 thoughts on “This is the Best Midrange Deck in Standard MTG”

  1. firstName lastName

    Hey Arne, something’s wrong with sideboard guide – I can see Ao to be sided in against mirror and Boros Invoke Justice, what should be sided out instead?

  2. firstName lastName

    stone brain neuters invoke despair and atraxa

    esper control is basically same deck with invokes and sherolds. Teferri is awful. Again stone brain to get those cards you cant get. thoughts? what if THEY stone brain your stone brain?

  3. firstName lastName

    amendment: Teferi is awful to play against. So is Jace. Not those cards are awful. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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