This is the Best Aggro Deck in MTG Standard

Azorius Soldiers is the best aggro deck in Standard. Why should you give it a try? 

  • Fast games. Do you just want to jam a few quick games? Are you looking to clear your daily quests in record time? Are you a fan of aggressive decks?
  • Good mana. Your lands come into play untapped and you rarely have color or mana issues. You can easily operate on three lands. 
  • Great mana curve. Aggro decks in Standard have been struggling to find meaningful one-drop creatures. This deck has a great selection of creatures all across the mana curve. 
  • Flood protection. You have good things to do when you draw a few too many lands. Recruitment Officer turns extra mana into more gas and Mishra’s Foundry provides another attacker. 


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