This Deck Crushes Rakdos Midrange in MTG Pioneer

Go big or go home! Keruga Fires of Invention is one of the new kids on the block in Pioneer. The talk of the town for a few weeks leading up to the first weekend of Regional Championships, the fiery deck has cooled off a bit once the season hit full swing. But with Rakdos Midrange putting up a dominant performance in the second weekend of Regional Championships, it may be time to turn to this deck that happily preys on the new king of Pioneer.

One of the few remaining decks in Pioneer that’s still built around the powerful companion mechanic, Keruga Fires carries a staggering amount of raw strength. This deck’s best draws can overrun any deck in the format. The two namesake cards, Keruga, the Macrosage and Fires of Invention, provide impressive late game inevitability, while the deck’s early interaction proves surprisingly potent despite both Keruga and Fires of Invention having highly restrictive deckbuilding requirements. 


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