This Classic Modern MTG Deck Can Beat Scam and Murktide!

Ever since the Faithless Looting ban, Dredge has struggled in Modern, and has fallen prey to Modern Horizons 2 power creep with Endurance and Dauthi Voidwalker.

However, Dredge’s weakness has never been hate pieces, but rather combo decks that can close faster than it. Today, Dredge is rather resilient to midrange decks sideboarding in Nihil Spellbomb and Unlicensed Hearse. In this metagame, Dredge can succeed with midrange decks such as Rakdos Scam and Izzet Murktide being on top of the format.


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3 thoughts on “This Classic Modern MTG Deck Can Beat Scam and Murktide!”

  1. firstName lastName

    Not sure about beating Scam, as Voidwalker is one of the absolute worst cards you can face + they can discard your draw 3’s.

  2. firstName lastName

    I’m completely unconvinced by Gemstone Caverns in the main. Game 1 rarely comes down to play/draw with Dredge. Also it’s inability to cast Thrilling Discovery is far less important to me than Ox. I think the community too quickly discarded the idea of Tome Scour in the list and just wanted to go back to what was easier to think about. This list is practically copied card for card from the Top4 List from the Manatraders event and that list is not where I want to be.

  3. firstName lastName

    Half the matchups where you put “No Changes” also have small sb changes that need to be made. I would almost always bring in 2-3 cards.

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