The Wandering Emperor in Standard UW Control – Deck Guide

I was in love from the moment I saw The Wandering Emperor for the first time and I’m even more amazed after getting some games under my hands with the new planeswalker. I would even go so far and say that it spawned a new Tier 1 archetype – UW Control!

White got some incredible new tools in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty to accompany the already strong set of blue that we previously paired together with red in Standard.

With UW Control, we now have a control deck that absolutely dominates creature decks, trumps the midrange decks and has a good fighting chance against Expressive Iteration strategies like Jeskai Hinata, Izzet Dragons and Izzet Calamity. 

It’s always difficult to build a control deck in the early days of a fresh format, but with this one, I feel confident. The flexibility of the removal is exceptional and the power of the new cards like Restoration of Eiganjo and The Wandering Emperor adds a proactive dimension to the otherwise reactive deck. Additionally, there’s the new sweeper Farewell, which is a game-winning spell against Mono-Green Aggro and The Meathook Massacre decks.




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