The State of Pioneer After Two Weeks of MTG Regional Championships

After months of anticipation, we are now two thirds of the way through the inaugural Regional Championship season. And what a season it’s been already!

Three Regional Championships were held around the world on the first weekend: one in Brazil, one in the United States, and one in Europe. Pedro Mocelin won the Brazilian Championship with Rakdos Midrange, Matthew Payoff won the American Championship with Mono-White Humans, and Miguel Castro won the European Championship with Izzet Phoenix. 

Four more Regional Championships were held on the second weekend: Eastern Canada, Japan/Korea, Australia/New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. The Eastern Canada Championship was won by Christian Trudel on Mono Green Devotion. Rei Hirayama won the Japan/Korea Championship playing Rakdos Midrange. Anthony Lee also piloted Rakdos Midrange to victory in the Australia/New Zealand Championship. And finally, Michael Martin Go won the Southeast Asia Championship with Azorius Control. Congratulations to all three of these players for their well-earned victories!

Prior to the first weekend of Regional Championships, I laid out what I expected for the format, including my evaluation of the established best decks as well as some decks I thought could be breakout contenders. In the weeks since, we’ve gotten more high quality data about Pioneer than we’ve had in years.

So what actually happened? How did the Pioneer meta actually shape out after its first test on the big stage? What are some winners and losers from Pioneer’s first big test? And are these trends likely to continue into the next two weekends of Regional Championships?


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