The Standard Midrange Killer! Jund Reanimator MTG Deck Guide

Current Dominaria United Standard is a midrange grindfest. Control and aggro are rare to be seen on the ladder. Everybody’s trying to figure out how to combine the fantastic black cards the best. The decks are slowing down and are becoming more grindy every hour. So what’s the best midrange deck in the format? Is it Grixis Vampires, Mono-Black, Jund, Esper or Rakdos? On my search for the best midrange deck in the format, I stumbled across Crokeyz’s Jund Reanimator list, and I must say, Crokeyz absolutely knocked it out of the park with this one!

So, here I am, presenting you the midrange killer of Standard, Jund Reanimator! 



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