The No Fly List – Top 8 MTG Cards to Never Pass in Dominaria United Draft

Dominaria United Draft is finally here, and with it comes the rush of cracking open your first booster when you sit down to draft. One of the most fun things about Limited is the fresh start that a P1p1 brings and the hope of seeing something powerful in that rare or mythic rare slot. Today, I’m going to give you my short list of eight cards that I will definitely not be passing to my neighbors anytime soon. Today, I give you the DMU Limited No Fly List.



Header - Honorable Mentions

Phyrexian MissionaryLightning Strike

These cards are not rares or mythics so are not technically eligible for this list, but I did want to shout out my initial takes on the top performers in their respective rarity weight classes. I’ll talk more about my feelings on removal in the format a little later on, but for now I’ll just say that Lightning Strike is everything that removal can and should be in Limited. When most threats are two-for-ones in some way, it’s hard to get excited about removal these days. What Lightning Strike lacks in card advantage it makes up for in efficiency, flexibility and synergy. This is a high pick and while I’m not sure it will hold the top common spot for the duration of the format, it sits on the throne for now.

Phyrexian Missionary is an incredibly pushed uncommon. Two mana for a 2/3 with lifelink is already a fantastic rate, but the kicker half of this card is truly messed up. The drawback, if any, of Gravedigger variants in the past is that this might be the card you want to play on turn four without anything to actually return from your graveyard. Well, this solves that problem cleanly by being able to be cast two turns earlier and impact the board in a more meaningful way. Cards with kicker in DMU on the whole are all phenomenal, often giving you a properly-costed card up front, with a well costed bonus if you can kick it. And if this is the kind of powerful uncommon we get, what bombs with kicker await us at rare?


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  1. Love to see the reverse of this article “under appreciated excellence”. Most of these are pretty obviously busted, seeing the 3.5/4+ out of 5 hidden gems, especially commons would be really useful

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