The King of Fair Magic! Standard GW Tokens – Deck Guide

In today’s Guide, we’ll take a close look at one of the recent success stories in Standard. GW Tokens took down a 184-player Championship Qualifier last Saturday and upon witnessing its success, I took it for a ride in the Stream League to then find myself win the tournament by going 7-1.

I believe this deck to be excellent in the current metagame. The amount of pressure, board presence and value this deck can produce at the same time is overwhelming for most opponents. Esika’s Chariot is absurdly good in this deck, constantly copying 4/4 Angels. You have to play this deck yourself to see how insane the Vehicle is, as it hasn’t felt this strong for me anywhere else.

Everybody knows about the strength of Wedding Announcement, but in this deck the card is on another level of power. Wedding Festivity often adds an additional five (or more) power and toughness to the field. 

The appeal of GW Tokens compared to the Esper and Orzhov Midrange decks is the proactivity it brings to the table. No matter what your opponent does, your game plan is powerful, fast and resilient. It’s a bulldozer of a deck that overwhelms the opponent with sheer numbers. Imagine the curve of Luminarch Aspirant into Wedding Announcement into Esika’s Chariot into pretty much anything on turn five. You end up with a bazillion power on the board compared to whatever your opponent achieved until then. It sometimes feels like you’re playing a different format. All your engine pieces accrue advantage overtime and snowball you ahead. This deck is a prime example of what it means to snowball out of control. 

I fine tuned the Championship Qualifier winning list as close to perfection as it gets. Let me present to you the King of Fair Magic, GW Tokens!




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