The Impact of Modern Horizons 2 in Modern – Deep Dive

We’re nearing the tenth anniversary of the Modern format and Modern Horizons 2 is right around the corner. In that time, it’s been relatively slow to change. Its steady evolution has been highlighted by an occasional new combo or banning, but most set releases only wind up contributing a few fringe playables to Modern’s deep card pool. 

The first Modern Horizons changed all of that. In an unprecedented move, Wizards of the Coast designed a set specifically to invigorate Modern, and it succeeded with flying colors. Even after a couple of bannings, the Modern of today is almost unrecognizable compared to what we had before the first Modern Horizons set.

To say that I’m excited for Modern Horizons 2 would be an understatement. I’m a sucker for Magic’s flavor and history, so homages like Dakkon, Shadow Slayer, The Underworld Cookbook and new art by master Richard Kane Ferguson really hit home for me. And when it comes to Modern, there are tons of cards – both new printings and reprints of old cards – which look like they could have a big footprint on the format. 

To tackle “The Impact of Modern Horizons 2” would be too big of an undertaking for one person. There’s no way I can predict all of the brews and innovations that creative deckbuilders will come up with over the next few months. Instead, the focus of this article will be the cards that seem to be directly relevant to Modern’s top existing archetypes. At the end, I’ll also start the process of brewing or reinventing a select few strategies that have particular interest to me. 

At the time of writing, there are 158 cards previewed from Modern Horizons 2. Don’t be surprised if there’s more coming! My teammates and I will seek to cover newly previewed cards individually as they come out. 

Here are a few articles that you may want to reference as we go:


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