The How and Why of Splashing in Neon Dynasty Limited

This past week on Lords of Limited, we talked all about mana bases and splashing in Draft, whether for just a single card or going full on five color nonsense. While I think this episode was incredibly successful (and if you haven’t listened yet, I’d check it out), there is something limiting about an audio-only medium when it comes to a game as complex as Magic: the Gathering. There were a number of draft decks I wanted to reference to illustrate the various times you would want to splash and what considerations you have to make during the draft and deckbuilding to accommodate those decisions.

Unfortunately, this would have been too cumbersome of a segment on the show for our listeners to follow along with, so we decided to pass up on these specific examples. However, I do think an article is the perfect format to use deck lists and draft logs as teaching tools to highlight the difficult concept of splashing in Limited. So, without further ado, let’s get to it!




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