The Full 42 – A Pick-By-Pick Crimson Vow Draft Walkthrough

As Crimson Vow develops as a format, I’ve come to appreciate what it has to offer and really enjoy the time I spend with it. While I think the gameplay still leaves a bit to be desired (nothing ruins the fun of a good back-and-forth like a Dreadfeast Demon), I’ve found the drafts to be skill-testing, diverse and most importantly, fun! Today I want to do a Crimson Vow draft walkthrough of the full 42 picks to highlight some draft navigation tips, dive into how format factors affect how I’m drafting and hopefully give you a boost of confidence for your next Crimson Vow draft!

For this article I’d really encourage you to play along at home. If there’s ever a format that doesn’t click with me, I find that recognizing discrepancies between my picks and the picks of people finding success in the format is the quickest way I’ve come around to winning as much as I’d like to. We’ll go through each pick of the draft with my pick hidden until you’re ready to see it.




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