The Decks We Didn’t Play at the New Capenna Championship

The New Capenna Championship is coming up this weekend (indeed, it may already have started when you read this), so I’m back with another run at a popular article from the last Championship — the best/coolest decks our team didn’t play!




Header - The Most Fun Deck


Standard Hullbreaker Windfall by Arya Karamchandani

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One of Chris Botelho’s experiments, the idea behind this deck is to play a version of the Goldspan Dragon/Show of Confidence combo deck that’s more resilient to counterspells and plays better in the mirror. The deck played fairly smoothly, and it seemed to be resilient to counterspells as we had hoped. The problem is that both this deck and the initial Goldspan combo lists we had struggled against a combination of early pressure and interaction on the right axis, with Go Blank in particular being a thorn in the deck’s side, since it leans on Lier, Disciple of the Drowned as card advantage.

The deck also struggled to actually close out the game against decks like Anvil that had plenty of noncombat damage, as the deck lacked an actual combo kill to end the game when it had “gone off.” If you enjoy the Iteration-Windfall style of play, but hate losing to aggressive decks sideboarding counterspells, this deck is the right one for you, but it is admittedly  overshadowed by other decks in a lot of matchups and in the current meta more generally.


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