The Complete Selesnya Auras Guide for Pioneer MTG: Deep Dive

Auras isn’t on the Pioneer radar for many players, but it should be. Seemingly with each new set there are new tools the Auras deck picks up, whether it be new auras, creatures, or lands. Despite making up a relatively small part of the Pioneer metagame Auras has put up strong results when it matters, and that includes at Pro Tour Phyrexia. We are going to get into exactly why the Auras archetype is so strong, and everything you need to know in order to play the deck and succeed with it. 


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Header - The Game Plan

While many players do know what an Auras deck is all about, I would still like to go over the game plan for those not familiar with the Auras archetype. The spells in an Auras deck generally consist of a mix of small inexpensive creatures that can be high impact, and Auras. The idea here is to have a high enough density of Auras to enchant your own creature with, in order to make them more formidable threats. Sticking say two or three Auras on a creature can provide a massive power and toughness boost, and sometimes even provides evasion as well. The idea of the deck is to create one huge creature attached with many auras. 


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  1. Played a League. Rounds 1 and 2 were Golgari MR. Always landed Turn 3 LOTV. Still managed to reverse sweep and managed to 3-2 the entire thing.

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