The Brothers’ War Will Fix Izzet in MTG Standard

Haughty Djinn decks may have done well in the Standard portion of the World Championships, but they’ve fallen off since. Grixis and Esper decks have instead taken over, and Izzet decks have fallen behind. A version of the deck I’ve been particularly interested in is one that takes the deck’s game plan to an extreme, focusing on protecting Haughty Djinn and then ending the game in a single turn. The card key to this version of the deck is Twinferno – on an empty board, it enables digging through your deck by copying Thirst for Discovery to net you cards and find you threats, and when trying to close the game, Twinferno giving djinn double strike kills people out of nowhere!

Unfortunately, before The Brothers’ War, the answers in Izzet didn’t quite line up against threats from opposing decks. Against Esper and Grixis, you would fall behind against their early threats, and the deck didn’t have great ways of catching up when on the backfoot. The three-toughness threats out of Esper in particular were a problem for the deck, since they didn’t get swept up by The Elder Dragon War. Thankfully, The Brothers’ War has a convenient solution to all these problems in Brotherhood’s End!


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