The Brothers’ War Limited MTG Set Review: Green

Welcome to my set review for The Brother’s War (or BRO, which is such a good set code). As always, I’ll be going over every card in the set for Limited, including the retro artifacts. Let’s start with the grading scale.

White / Blue / Black / Red / Green / Artifacts, Lands and Multicolor

Retro Artifacts


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Header - Grading Scale

Retired and inducted into the Limited Hall of Fame: Pack RatUmezawa’s JitteThe Scarab God.


Header - Mechanics

Let’s take a look at the recurring mechanics of the set, just so we have context when evaluating the cards with those mechanics.


Powerstone EngineerPowerstone Token

This is the coolest new mechanic – tons of cards give you these artifacts that tap for mana, but restrict what you can spend that mana on. The most obvious way to take advantage of them is playing lots of artifacts, since they can cast those, but the most powerful thing to do is likely activated abilities, which they also work with. Getting to use expensive activated abilities multiple times is sick, and these also work with cards that care about having artifacts out. Not every deck can use Powerstones for max value, but most will have at least a few things that work with them. In general, making a Powerstone is worth a lot less than a whole card, but still provides value.


Urza, Lord ProtectorThe Mightstone and Weakstone

As before (this was in Eldritch Moon), you can largely ignore meld. Every now and then you’ll have both pieces of a meld card, but I think I saw one card get melded in my entire drafting time with EMN.

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