The Best Rhinos Deck! Modern MTG 80-Card Yorion Rhinos Deck Guide

Last weekend, I went undefeated at the Modern 4 Seasons tournament with Five-Color Yorion Rhinos, a deck I picked up the day before the tournament and that I think will be a great choice going forward in Modern.

We’ve seen previous versions of 80-card Crashing Footfalls decks and they’ve never been successful, mostly because you were better off playing Prismatic Ending and Wrenn and Six if you wanted to play with Omnath, Locus of Creation, and you were better off playing 60-card Rhinos if you wanted to draw Violent Outburst more often.

Leyline Binding

However, Leyline Binding changes everything. It’s a one-mana flash Oblivion Ring that you can easily cast on turn two with your 18 fetches as well as a removal spell you can cast for one mana on turn four after having played a turn three threat.

A very common curve is casting your cascade spell on turn three and following it up with another one on turn four with a Leyline Binding, which is about as efficient as it gets.

Leyline Binding answer cards that were very hard to deal with previously like Teferi, Time Raveler, Murktide Regent and Chalice of the Void, and it finally lets you avoid playing bad Modern cards like Bonecrusher Giant, Dead // Gone or Prismari Command.



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7 thoughts on “The Best Rhinos Deck! Modern MTG 80-Card Yorion Rhinos Deck Guide”

  1. Why Indatha Triome in this deck? Also, does anyone working for Channel Fireball ever respond to questions or comments? I haven’t seen it yet.

  2. I hear you. If looks like the post the guide and that’s it. Once in a great while will you ever get a comment. But, no I don’t see any active engagement from CF on their guides. So questions about Side Board help with other decks that are in the meta will sit and collect dust. The Indatha triome will give you two different ways to complete Domain. Indatha with Steam vents or Xander’s Temple Garden.

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