The Best Midrange Deck in Standard! Jund Reanimator: MTG Deep Dive

Dominaria United Standard can feel like a midrange grindfest. It’s rare to run into dedicated control or aggro decks in tournament play, or even on the Arena ladder. Many of the best cards in the format fall in the color black, and for most players, it’s not a question of if they should use them but rather how they should use them

So what’s the best midrange deck in the format? Is it Grixis Vampires, Mono-Black, Jund, Esper or Rakdos? My personal favorite, and my choice for last weekend’s World Championship, was Jund Reanimator. It’s the midrange deck that beats up on other midrange decks!

In this Deep Dive, I’ll tell you everything you need to know to pilot Jund Reanimator proficiently. I’ll even include options for customizing the deck list and sideboard to your preferences. I’ve expanded on Arne Huschenbeth’s original Deck Guide from back in September. 

Shoutout to the massively popular streamer Crokeyz for developing the Jund Reanimator concept early in the format, and also to 2021 World Champion Yuta Takahashi for making a deep run in the October Arena Qualifier weekend with a tuned deck list. We referenced Takahashi’s deck list many times while practicing for Worlds, and finally landed only a few cards different from his main deck. 

Without further ado, I present to you the midrange killer of Standard, Jund Reanimator! Here’s the deck list I played to a 3-2 record at Worlds.


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