The Best Deck in Standard – Mono-Black Midrange MTG Deck Guide

It was never any secret that black midrange would be a popular strategy in Dominaria United Standard. After all, black midrange was great in the old format, and many of the staple cards survived rotation. Just as importantly, many of the most exciting cards from the new set fall inside the color black!

Liliana of the VeilSheoldred, the ApocalypseEvolved SleeperCut Down

The part that wasn’t as obvious was what would prove to be the best version of black midrange. In writing my first Power Rankings piece, two trends appeared. 

The first was that if you picked up a reasonable shell of black midrange cards across any color combination, you had a good chance of being successful. 

The second was that the simpler and more consistent the version, the better it seemed to perform. The two decks that seemed the best to me were plain old Rakdos Midrange, and the deck I’ll cover today: Mono-Black Midrange.



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12 thoughts on “The Best Deck in Standard – Mono-Black Midrange MTG Deck Guide”

  1. With the creature lands gone, what is the purpose of the 4 Fields of Ruin? Why not cut the mana base to 24 and add in a couple of Tainted Adversaries or Cult Conscripts? Nice article, always enjoy your content.

  2. Yes, this decklist is more recent than the one in the video.

    I don’t think 4 Field of Ruin is mandatory, but I like keeping a nice high land count with all the four and five mana spells.

  3. Juan Carlos Da Silva

    Jund is very hard for everyone, I will go with lots of removal, graveyard hate (Unlicensed Hearse) and card advantage (Sorin and Bankbuster).

  4. Juan Carlos Da Silva

    What do you think of -2 Evolved Sleeper and +2 Concealing Curtains in the main deck? Both can crew Bankbuster with 4 mana, Concealing Curtains is a better blocker against midrange.

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