The Best Deck in Pioneer MTG Nobody Knows About

After testing vigorously for Pro Tour Phyrexia, it didn’t take long to realize Pioneer is a format with many different viable decks, some of which have been laying hidden, waiting to be discovered. While I played the same deck as Reid Duke (Izzet Creativity) that won the Pro Tour, there were other decks that I was quite impressed by over the course of the event. Some of them boasted a higher win percentage than the Izzet Creativity deck. The deck I’m going to be talking about in this article is the deck that impressed me the most, which is now known as Omnath to Light. 

Omnath to Light is a deck I never faced on MTGO over the course of many Pioneer leagues worth of preparation for Pro Tour Phyrexia, and is a deck none of my teammates tested against to my knowledge when preparing for the tournament. Overall, this was a deck that before Pro Tour Phyrexia was completely off the radar, and in fact it seems nobody knew about. However, there was a small group of players who did clearly work on this deck and tune it to be ready for the Pro Tour, and that small group found success with the deck. Here is the list of Lukas Honnay.


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