The 5 Best March of the Machine MTG Cards for Standard (So Far)

It may seem like there hasn’t been that much time that has passed since the release of Phyrexia: All Will be One, yet spoilers for the next big Magic set are already upon us. This is true, but it should also become expected moving forward. Since the major MagicCons put on by Wizards of the Coast often will fall shortly after a set release, it makes sense that at the MagicCons themselves, WotC would want to announce cool stuff in the pipeline, and spoilers for upcoming sets fall in this category. We now know some of the hits that will be in March of the Machine, and the set will be released April 21, 2023. I’m going to provide my personal reaction to some of the standout cards we know about so far. The five cards I chose to talk about are all card that I think can make an impact in Standard. 


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