The 10 Limited Archetypes for MTG’s The Brothers’ War

In The Brothers’ War, all 10 color pairs have one signpost gold uncommon, and their abilities can direct a coherent theme for your draft. In this article, I will provide a quick introduction to the 10 draft archetypes and the synergies you should focus on in Limited. 

Common mana fixing is limited to Evolving Wilds and Energy Refractor, which is not a lot when compared to recent sets like Dominaria United. This means that you’ll frequently end up in a two-color combination.

For each of these 10 archetypes, I will highlight two uncommons and two commons that go up in value because they synergize with the theme of that color combination. This means that they get better, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the to-be-highlighted cards are premium picks. Especially early on, powerful creatures and removal spells still take precedence.

Prison SentenceWeakstone's SubjugationOverwhelming RemorseExcavation ExplosionEpic Confrontation

You can never really go wrong by starting your draft with any of these commons. If it’s mana-efficient and consistently removes an opposing creature, then it will often be a good addition to your deck. Later in the draft, however, you should focus more heavily on the synergies within the color combination you’re drafting, so it’s important to have the archetypes in mind.


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