The 10 Archetypes of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Limited

In Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Limited, all 10 color pairs have one signpost gold uncommon. They are meant to direct a coherent theme for your draft, and they pinpoint the synergies you should focus on in Limited. This article will provide a quick introduction to these 10 draft archetypes. 

For each archetype, I’ll highlight two uncommons and two commons that go up in value because they synergize with the theme of that color pair. This means they get better and they should be considered more than usual, but they’re not necessarily the best cards to pick out of a booster. Especially early on, efficient common removal spells still take precedence over synergy picks.

Intercessor's ArrestTamiyo's CompleationTwisted EmbraceKami's FlareMaster's Rebuke

You can never really go wrong by starting your draft with a solid removal spell. If it’s no more than four mana and consistently removes an opposing creature, then it will often be a good addition to your deck. Later in the draft, however, you should focus more heavily on the synergies within every color pair, so it’s important to have the archetypes in mind. Let’s go over them.




Header - UW - Vehicles

Prodigy's Prototype

White-blue Limited decks in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty are best at exploiting Vehicles. All common Vehicles are white, blue or colorless, and the white-blue signpost uncommon supports the theme as well. Indeed, Prodigy’s Prototype is not only a Vehicle itself, but also boosts your other Vehicles. Given that provides an attack trigger and given that Vehicle decks are generally bad at blocking (since crewing a Vehicle removes a potential blocker) but good at attacking (since Vehicles give freshly cast creatures pseudo-haste), white-blue decks will probably want to be aggressive in this format.

Born to DriveMobilizer Mech

Prodigy’s Prototype already showcased the Pilot tokens, but Born to Drive does it even better. Its main value lies in the channel ability, which creates two Pilots that are excellent in white-blue Vehicle decks. 

Mobilizer Mech is another card that goes up in value in this color pair. It alleviates the problem of drawing too many Vehicles and too few pilots, as it effectively allows a single 3/3 to crew two different Vehicles.

Dragonfly SuitFuturist Sentinel

At common, Dragonfly Suit and Futurist Sentinel are also better than usual when you’re drafting white-blue, but you’ll still have to strike a balance between Vehicles and pilots. You can’t just play a deck with 10 Vehicles because then you’ll often draw more Vehicles than pilots, which is terrible especially when your opponent is engaging in a damage race.

Realistically, I expect that you’ll want a maximum of four Vehicles in a white-blue deck, supported by at least 12 regular creatures. This means that on average, you’ll draw one Vehicle in your top 10 cards (i.e., turn four on the play) but the risks of drawing multiples are relatively small. You could run more Vehicles if they have low crew costs and you have many creatures (or creature tokens) that excel at piloting, but then you have to know what you’re doing.


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