The 10 Archetypes of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Limited

In Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, all 10 color pairs have two signpost gold uncommons. These cards can direct a coherent theme for your draft and can pinpoint the synergies you should focus on in Limited. In this article, I’ll introduce these 10 Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Limited archetypes today.

For each archetype, I’ll highlight two uncommons and two commons that go up in value because they synergize with the theme of that color pair. This means they get better, although they’re not necessarily the best cards to pick out of a booster. Especially early on, efficient common removal spells still take precedence over synergy picks.



You can never really go wrong by starting your draft with a solid removal spell. Nevertheless, in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, black has the market of quality removal spells cornered. 

There’s the usual Pacifism, Claustrophobia and Hunt the Weak variant in this set, but Candletrap, Locked in the Cemetery and Duel for Dominance are weaker than equivalents in other recent sets. They require specific conditions to be met before they work reliably, and their value will fluctuate depending on your deck. In fact, I believe that Gavony Silversmith, Organ Hoarder and Shadowbeast Sighting will be even better first-picks in those colors.

In any case, especially later in the draft, you have to focus heavily on the synergies within every color pair, so it’s important to have the archetypes in mind. Let’s go over them.



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