The 10 Archetypes of Forgotten Realms Limited

In Adventures of the Forgotten Realms, all 10 color pairs have a signpost gold uncommon. Each signpost uncommon is a legendary creature that can direct a coherent theme for your draft and that can pinpoint the synergies you should focus on in¬†Limited. In this article, I’ll introduce the 10 draft archetypes of Forgotten Realms Limited one-by-one. For each, I’ll pinpoint two uncommons and two commons that go up in value because they synergize with the theme of that color pair. To avoid any misunderstandings: the cards that I’m going to highlight for each color pair get better in that color pair, but they’re not necessarily the best.


Especially early on, efficient common removal spells still take precedence. You can never go wrong with any of these cards as one of your first picks. However, later in the draft, you have to focus on the synergies within every color pair, so it’s important to have the archetypes in mind.



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