Temur Reclamation Has Modern’s Best Late Game – Deck Guide

Wilderness Reclamation is a terrifying magic card. The amount of mana generation it offers is unparalleled, and this unparalleled mana generation allows decks running it to snowball into an unstoppable avalanche after just a few turns. The card was banned in Standard, Pioneer and suspended in Historic after completely dominating these formats.

Surprisingly however, the card has only ever seen fringe play in Modern, popping up in the 5-0 dumps from time to time, and seeing almost zero serious tournament success. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best build of Wilderness Reclamation in Modern and trying to understand if the card is underplayed because the archetype is underplayed or if a four-mana engine is simply too slow for Modern. What I’ve loved about the archetype is that it has the best late game of any deck in the format. When you play Reclamation, you know that if the game goes long you’ll win as no opponent can keep up with the amount of mana you have, the amount of cards you draw or the turns you take with Nexus of Fate.

I’ve tried Bant variants to take advantage of hard cast Solitudes. I’ve tried Sultai versions with premium removal spells like Fatal Push, Abrupt Decay and Murderous Cut. I’ve tried using Reclamation to untap Urza’s Saga for an extra token. I’ve even tried highly experimental Selesnya and Bant Reclamation brews that try to utilize the  instant speed tutor Eladamri’s Call alongside flash creatures. However, after all of these experiments, I keep coming to the same conclusion: Temur is the best Reclamation variant. 

You might expect there to be some complicated and in depth analysis comparing and contrasting the variants, but it really boils down to one simple point: you can play Wrenn and Six in Temur. 



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