Temur Energy Vibes! Alchemy Grixis Midrange – Deck Guide

I haven’t fallen in love with a deck as quickly in a long time as I have with this one. Grixis Midrange does everything I want to be doing in Alchemy – lots of decisions, immense power and control over the game you’re playing. 

Grixis Midrange was brought to prominence by Jim Davis’s amazing 12-0 run at the Neon Dynasty Set Championship. When I first saw the deck list in the middle of Day 1, I couldn’t quite comprehend why his list was good, but as the tournament had progressed and I witnessed the deck in action, I knew his build was the real deal.  

Jim and his team managed to build this midrange machine, which keeps on impressing me more and more. I’m getting Temur Energy Vibes playing this deck. It’s essentially a Rakdos deck with a light blue splash for Kaito Shizuki and some cards in the sideboard. 

I played a decent amount on the ladder with Grixis and I tuned the list for the post-Set Championship metagame. In this article, I’ll provide you with an explanation of the synergies and card choices that we’re using here. 




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