Sultai Midrange in Standard – Deck Guide

I love to play midrange decks. It’s my favorite play style and even if midrange isn’t the best thing to do in Standard, I had a good time playing and tuning this Sultai Midrange deck a lot lately.

I went through many iterations, which you can follow on my Untapped.gg profile, and I’ve finally settled on a list for today’s Deck Guide.


The deck presents control elements in the form of The Meathook Massacre, Shadows’ Verdict, Disdainful Stroke and Test of Talents, as well as aggressive elements like Briarbridge Tracker, Esika’s Chariot and Wrenn and Seven.

Binding the Old Gods is a catch-all answer, and with so many annoying artifacts and enchantments laying around the format, it’s incredibly convenient to have an effect like this that both answers them and ramps you.



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