Streets of New Capenna Limited First Impressions

With the prerelease and several hours of early access behind me, I’ve been able to get a decent grasp of some of the fundamentals of the set, so here are some general tips going into the first week of New Capenna Limited tournaments. While most of these observations come from my playing Sealed, the more general notes on the format should apply regardless of Limited format.




Header - The Family Mechanics

The family mechanics are the named mechanics in the set specific to the three-color combinations – shield counters, casualty, blitz, alliance and connive. By and large, these mechanics are powerful and supported, and if you’re able to build a deck around them, your deck is likely to be well positioned.


Disciplined Duelist

The Brokers mechanic is one of the most powerful in the set, and warps the format a good amount. The best example of this is Murder, the gold standard for low rarity removal, is worse in this set than Whack, and a large part of that is the ability to kill through a shield (though the double-black mana cost is certainly relevant). Almost all the cards with shield are very strong and should just always make your deck. Unlike some of the other family mechanics, there’s no inherent synergy between multiple cards with shield counters, so they slot into almost any deck.

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