Standard Temur Treasures – Deck Guide

In some ways, Temur Treasures is a holdover from the previous Standard format. After all, G/U/R has not gotten a triland and is not one of the supported three-color combinations in the new set. On the other hand, it remains a major player, and has a whole new collection of strengths in Streets of New Capenna Standard. 

Esika's ChariotGoldspan Dragon

Let’s start with Esika’s Chariot and Goldspan Dragon. Both are so strong that they had to be nerfed in the transition from Standard to Alchemy, and yet both remain perfectly legal for Standard play. This doesn’t automatically make Temur Treasures the best deck in the format, but it’s a hint that you could probably do a lot worse than sleeving up a deck that features both of them. 



Specifically, these are the two threats that snowball the hardest and make it the most difficult for the opponent to claw back if they go unanswered for even a single turn. I love the quality of a card being so powerful that it can swing a game in your favor from virtually any position. 

You shrug your shoulders and cast Goldspan Dragon, expecting that it’ll likely be met by The Wandering Emperor, Vanishing Verse or some other answer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in that spot, only to see my creature turn sideways and the opponent’s life total drop by four. Sometimes the opponent just has the wrong answer! Goldspan and Chariot are never the wrong threats. 

So the general strategy of Temur Treasures is to support these two cards as effectively as possible. You power them out using Jaspera Sentinel, Magda, Brazen Outlaw and other mana creatures. Later, you protect them by using efficient permission spells off the blue splash. This gives the opponent the smallest possible window to prepare to fight back, and punishes them badly if they ever miss a beat.



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